One of the main problems that married people experience is a marriage without sex. Everything is great in the beginning, love flourishes and your sex drive goes mad, but what happens when you get preoccupied with daily stuff and get into a routine that you find hard to get out of? It is great to be friends with your partner, it adds to the quality of your relationship as you get mature, but a marriage without sex compels people to find what they are missing in that area somewhere else. Love without sex is only half of the bigger picture, because in a sexual act you commit yourself to your partner and vice versa, and sharing that experience is priceless for the relationship to grow and deepen on a different level.


Relationship Stages
After the honeymoon stage, your relationship goes through certain stages. The commitment you make to one another is a beautiful thing, but you have to nourish it with physical connection as well, which can be hard when you get stressed out because of real life situations and obligations, wedding planning and the fast pace of life, especially after the honeymoon phase. Developing intimacy makes the love that you share stronger and both of you start to relax and start to show your other, more imperfect sides. Then the insecurity comes in, and you feel vulnerable and shy to say what you want, which in turn becomes a problem because you get nervous, sad and unreasonable about your expectations. You both want the time for yourselves, and in time you distance yourselves from one another. Many relationships fail this test at this certain stage because of the reasons mentioned above. If the relationship survives this particular stage, it becomes more settled, and people involved become experts in their field, with lots of experience on their hands about how to say what they want, how to listen to their partner’s wishes, with mutual understanding and cooperation.


Create A Successful Marriage; Follow These Pointers:

  • Talk to each other as much as you can. Talk about your worries, wishes, expectations, and disappointments about life be honest about everything.
  • Work together to solve any problem. Don’t blame one another, be a great team instead of two strangers in a relationship.
  • Nourish the connection that you have, through honesty, trust, sex, and understanding.
  • Take care of each other, have fun and develop a sense of humor.
Upgrade your sex life; spice it up with details and new experiences. Studies show that couples that do that regularly, have a better sex life, and feel more satisfied in their relationship.


Sex Varieties To Spice Up Your Marriage
  • Go Quickies, GO! Use this variety when you don’t have time for a romantic evening together. Everything goes, from petting in the back seat of your car, to one of you performing oral sex before going somewhere.
  • Wily sex. Now this is a fun way to spice up your sex life, it falls into the area of forbidden things and will give you a lot of pleasure. Be innovative, have sex behind closed doors while you have guests coming over!
  • Passionate sex. This is the big artillery, a full evening event of indulging yourselves with romance.
  • “The beginning” sex. Recreate everything that you can think of from the first stage of your relationship.
  • Make up sex. A classic, after an argument, kiss and make up.
  • Comforting sex. Console each other when one of you is too nervous or stressed out about life.
  • Relax and breathe sex. Put off everything that you have planned, turn off your phones and enjoy.
  • Encouraging sex. Show your partner how much you care, be intimate and encourage him/her.
  • Make-believe sex. This is the time when you try new things, and act out your most hidden desires.


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