Just imagine this: You’ve gotten a new vibrator to add some spice to your nights. You show it to your boyfriend, who’s excited to use it. You get physical with kissing and touching, reach for the vibrator, and…




Bam! There goes the mood.


A major issue with vibrators is the noise level. Their noise is comparable to a Formula-1 race car or a lawnmower. But, there are ones that are more quiet as well. Here are some tips on how to manage the noise of your sex toy:


Vibrators Can’t Be Totally Quiet.

A vibrator is a motorized device, meaning that it will create a buzzing sound of some sort. While many of them are quiet, you will have a minimal sound like an electric toothbrush, or an electric razor.
The other factor is in perception. People have different perceptions about how loud a sound is. One person might think that a vibrator is loud, while another person might think its sound level is perfectly acceptable.


Which Types of Vibrators Are Louder?
    Not all vibrators are created equal. Here are some rules that you can follow:
  • Remote-control vibrators are generally quieter, because they’re made to be worn in public!
  • Vibrators made with a jelly or jelly vinyl will be quieter because the jelly will soften the motor-sound.
  • The louder vibrators are those that use C-sized batteries, but are more powerful too.
  • The ones made of smooth plastic can be quiet, but have the drawback of the batteries vibrating against the plastic tubing and making extra noise.


How to Overcome the Noise!
    It’s very easy to overcome the noise of a vibrator: Turn on the iPod and jam to some tunes! The music will cover up the annoying vibrating noise, and will set up the atmosphere for you and your partner to get in some lovin’! Here are some extra suggestions if that one doesn’t work:
  • Place a towel over the engine housing on the toy to soften the vibrations.
  • Put the toy on low power only, because it is much quieter.
  • Muffle the sound by putting it under the bed sheets with you!
  • Cover the vibrator with a hollow extender or a jelly vinyl sleeve.


Water Makes Things Louder!
Always remember not to take your waterproof vibrator into the hot tub, pool, or bathtub, because you will make something loud into even louder! Water amplifies sound waves. It would be very embarrassing to wear a discreet vibrator into a public pool, only to have everyone find out that you have it on because they could hear it the second you get in the water!


The lowdown is this: All vibrators are going to make some kind of noise, no matter which one you buy. The best thing to do is to enjoy your toy. If the noise bothers you, play some sexy music on the stereo and set the volume as high as you please! Overall, check the volume level before you start it on your lover, so you can both have an enjoyable time together!


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